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Title: Sadowsky Guitars and Basses | Bass-Aholic
Mfg: Sadowsky
Bass Builder?: Yes
Contact:  Roger Sadowsky
Models:  NYC, Metro
Categories:  [Bass: 4-String] [Bass: 5-String] [Boutique] [Fender Based Basses] [Left Handed Availability]
Country:   US [us]  Locale: NY, Brooklyn
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Sadowsky Guitars and Bass Guitars

Sadowsky Website

Sadowsky Guitars on Facebook

I didn't realize for quite some time that a number of high profile bass players weren't playing Fender Basses.  They were in fact playing Sadowsky basses.  Still I didn't get why anyone would want to pay a whole bunch more to play a bass that looked pretty much like a Fender.  It wasn't until I played a Fender American Deluxe next to Sadowsky Metro that I realized why.  These basses sound totally amazing.  Modern Fender's just down compare.  Just love these basses!...

Sadowsky Metro Bass Guitar

Wiki Sadowsky Guitars

Sadowsky on Ax Vault

Notable player: Tal Wilkenfeld


2107 41st Avenue
4th Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone (718) 433-1990
Fax (718) 433-1993


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