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Orfeus Guitars

Orfeus Guitars and Basses were built in Bulgaria during the era of the Soviet Union.  The company appears to have been active during the 1960´s through the 1980´s.  

Orfeus Hebros Bass Guitar

Orfeus information on Cheezy Guitars

Orfeus Hebros info on Guitarz [Blogspot]

Soviet Guitar Museum  [Orfeus Hebros in English]

European Guitar Forum has a fair amount of information on Orfeus Guitars and Basses

Orfeus Trimoncium Bass Guitar


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Title: Orfeus Guitars
Mfg: Orfeus
Bass Builder?: Yes
Models:  Hebros, Trimoncium
Categories:  [Bass: 4-String] [Currently NOT in production] [Soviet Block Instruments] [Vintage (prior to 1970)]
Country:   Bulgaria [bg]
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