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Marc Schroth had been making bass guitars for private use for a couple of years, and then at the beginning of 2009 he launched Nature-Shock Instruments.

He became fascinated by the many types of wood available for use, and now produces his instruments with great care and passion in his home workshop. Originally a process-control electrician, he has applied his professional skills and his conscientious commitment to accuracy to the making of high quality instruments, so that lutherie is now second nature to him.

Marc explains, "It is important to me to keep the natural look of the various timbers. My philosophy concerning the construction of Nature-Shock instruments is to create a continuum of nature and technique."

Over the years he has also built a large number of custom instrument necks based on his online neck configuration applet, which allows customers to select from a wide variety of different woods and fretboards.

In 2014, he increased his workshop by moving into a new house featuring a showroom and his very own large personal lumberyard.

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Title: Nature-Shock Instruments
Mfg: Nature-Shock
Bass Builder?: Yes
Contact:  Marc Schroth
Phone:  +49 (0)6253-9474765
Models:  [not specified]
Country:   Germany [de]
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