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Moses Carbon Graphite Guitars & Basses | Steve Mosher

Moses Carbon Graphite Guitars & Basses


Moses Carbon Graphite Website

"Moses Carbon Graphite USA has had a long and venerable history, beginning with Steve Mosher�s exploration of the fascinating sonic and structural world of carbon fiber in 1979..."

Moses Graphite Bass

Steve's Informal Bio: "Stephen Mosher is a designer, innovator, and musician who consistently leads the music industry with high-tech products and instruments that feature a warm tone with full and rich harmonic content. As president of Moses Carbon Graphite, Steve Mosher produced his first carbon graphite neck for his own electric instrument, a ?64 Fender Precision bass. His motivation was to design and build an electric instrument having sound qualities pleasing to his ear. In 1980, Steve showed his first handmade fretless teardrop bass to a young bassist, Brian Bromberg, when they met at the Blue Parrot nightclub in La Jolla, California. The response was positive and Steve has been building, showing and sharing his musical inventions ever since."
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Moses Carbon Graphite is featured in Jim Roberts book American Basses...


Steve Mosher
Moses, Inc.
Phone: (001) 541-484-6068
E-mail: orders@mosesgraphite.com
32591 Fox Hollow Road
Eugene, Oregon 97405

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Title: Moses Carbon Graphite Guitars & Basses | Steve Mosher
Mfg: Moses
Bass Builder?: Yes
Contact:  Steve Mosher
Phone:  (001) 541-484-6068
Models:  VJB-5, Jumps Bass
Categories:  [Atypical Instruments] [Boutique] [Currently In Production] [Level - Professional Grade]
Country:   US [us]  Locale: OR, Eugene
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