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Moonshine Custom Guitars and Bass Guitars

Moonshine Custom Guitars and Bass Guitars

Moonshine Custom Guitars Website

"We don't just make guitars, we craft fine instruments with the goal of achieving superior tonal quality matched only by it's visual beauty.

We believe there are three key elements that go into making an exceptional instrument:

Raw Materials: We hand select all of the materials that go into our instruments. Finding beautiful wood does not necessarily make a great sounding guitar - where was the wood grown?... how was the wood aged?...how was the wood rough cut?...was the wood dried? All of these are important factors when selecting the ideal raw materials to begin a project.

Attention To Detail: Although many instruments look quite similar and may even start out from a similar pattern, each instrument takes on a life of it's own during the build process. As the wood is worked into shape the grain may change or different wood densities may be uncovered. It is up to the craftsman to identify these unique characteristics and work them into the final product. Small adjustments to the fit and finish can make an enormous difference in the final sound - most of these nuances are missed in today's mass-produced or production line environment.
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Moonshine Custom Guitars double neck 4-string bass

The Resolectro-Bass...  (Please watch the video: "Video 2 This is the Moonshine Resolectro Bass, built by Moonshine Custom Guitars.It is being demonstrated by our endorsee and good friend, Danny Lee Ramsey.")

Moonshine Resolectro Bass resonator electric acoustic bass

resonator bass

Moonshine resonator guitar




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Mfg: Moonshine
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Contact:  Rick Wilson
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