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"Logical Guitars is a Vancouver Canada based company devoted to the idea that guitars should be fun. The founder, Terry David, at one time was a gigging musician and has owned every major brand of guitar. However, reality intervened about 30 years ago and Terry realised he wasn't going to be a rock star so he got a "real" job and just played guitar as a hobby. Then about 3 years ago Terry became interested in getting back into playing, but was surprised at how expensive guitars had gotten while he was "away". The top brand name guitars have always been absolutely beautiful instruments, but Terry found it hard to justify spending thousands of dollars on a hobby guiitar." -- About Logical Guitars


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Logical Roger Bass Guitar Logical Roger Bass Guitar Logical Geddy Bass Guitar

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Logical Chris Bass Guitar 101 Basses


Corporate Offices:
Richmond, BC, Canada
Founder: Terry David

Email: info at logicalguitars dot com


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Title: Logical Guitars
Mfg: Logical
Bass Builder?: Yes
Contact:  Terry David
Models:  Roger, Chris, Geddy
Country:   Canada [ca]  Locale: BC, Richmond
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Page Created: September 13, 2013
Updated May 10, 2015

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