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Levi Guitars

Levi Guitars

From Levi's FAQ "Why another guitar line?:  Well, this takes a story. We came across a guitar from China that was unusually well built, and managed to identify and contact the factory and have some samples sent to us. The basic product was well designed, and we discussed a number of upgrades that would make this a more premium product. These included upgrading the pickups to ones from a reputable factory in South Korea, upgrading the necks on the set neck guitars from Maple to Mahogany on several models(most cheaper imports use Maple necks), upgrading the nut from plastic to bone, upgrading the tuners to a better quality tuner, etc. The woodwork and finishes were already superb, which provided a solid basis for a decent instrument. We then decided to offer the instrument with..." [more]

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Title: Levi Guitars
Mfg: Levi
Bass Builder?: Yes
Contact:  Bob Gadd
Models:  [not specified]
Categories:  [Bass: 4-String] [Bass: 4-String Fretless] [Bass: 5-String] [Bass: 5-String Fretless] [Currently In Production] [Fender Based Basses]
Country:   Canada [ca]  Locale: BC, Coquitlam

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