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Javier Lopez - JanAid Guitars

JanAid Guitars

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We all need a tool through which to channel our feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas .... In JanAidGuitars we tried to join in our instruments all the requirements needed to be led by our creativity, without feeling that the instrument is not part of that . Comfort, versatility, sound, beauty has been our workhorse in recent years. Finally we are proud to have developed instruments that join all these qualities: Princess, Darens and you will fly to places never before visited by other musicians, feeling that your instrument is not a barrier in your creativity... more


Javier L?pez JanAid Guitars Bass Guitar

Javier L?pez JanAid Guitars Bass Guitar

Javier L?pez JanAid Guitars Bass Guitar





Title: Javier Lopez - JanAid Guitars
Mfg: JanAid
Bass Builder?: Yes
Contact:  Javier Lopez
Models:  [not specified]
Country:   Spain [es]
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January 17, 2015 - Builder request to activate page
Setptember 1, 2013 - Updated
May 10, 2012 - Page Created

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