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Harmony Guitars and Bass Guitars



Title: Harmony Company Guitars and Bass Guitars
Mfg: Harmony
Bass Builder?: Yes
Models:  H22, H22/1, H25, H27, H-22, H-25, H-27
Categories:  [Bass: 4-String] [Level - Intermediate] [Level - Student] [The Classics] [Vintage (prior to 1970)] [Vintage Re-Issues]
Country:   US [us]
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Harmony Guitars and Bass Guitars


History and References

In Chicago, 1892 Wilhelm J. F. Schultz and four employees began production on a modest scale. By 1915 Harmony had 125 employees. In 1916 Sears, Roebuck acquired Harmony in order to gain its substantial ukulele production. Harmony also made mandolins, banjo ukes, tenor banjos, and other instruments. In February 1928 Harmony introduced its Roy Smeck Vita series-Standard, tenor, and plectrum guitars. In January 1930 the Roy Smeck Grand Concert and Hawaiian models were unveiled. In March 1931 the Vagabond guitar line was first produced, and in the following September the Cremona professional guitar appeared. In May 1939 Harmony bought several brand names from the bankrupt Oscar Schmidt Company including La Scala, Stella and Sovereign. During this period Harmony substantially increased its trade names to include Valencia, Monterey, Harmony Deluxe, Johnny Marvin, Vogue, and many more. From 1961through 1969 Harmony continued to grow and as imported instruments began taking a larger share of the American market, the company was purchased by a conglomerate along with some other companies. There was heavy indebtedness, and the factory equipment and other assets were sold at auction to satisfy the creditors and they finally liquidated.  [jedistar]

Harmony Guitars USA (Current day company)  "In 2000 M.B.T. International made a deal to use the Harmony name on guitars and other instruments. They re-issued several popular old U.S.A. Harmony models. These models were appreciated by all Harmony fans everywhere. Unfortunately, M.B.T. and the actual owner of the Harmony trade name came to an impasse and M.B.T. ceased marketing Harmony.

In 2009, the Harmony trademark and all intellectual property was acquired by Westheimer corpoaration in Northbrook , IL. In 2011 they debuted the New Harmony Vintage Reissue series. The Vintage Ressiue series are true to the original designs but feature much improved; finish, hardware, and pliability. The H-22 Bass, H49 Jupiter-Stratotone, and H54 Rocket are available now. Other models will be later in 2012." [See Harmony Guitars USA - History]

Harmony website This website is for the Korean re-issue Harmonys (Not operational as of February 3, 2013)

  Harmony Company on Wikipedia

Broadway Music (website off line as of February 3, 2013)

More on Harmony at: http://www.angelfire.com/trek/hillmans3/hillgt01.html

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Bass Models


Single Cutaway, Single Pickup Bass Guitar

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Harmony H22 Bass Guitar


Double Cutaway, Single Pickup Bass Guitar

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Solid Body Bass Guitar

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Harmony H25 Bass Guitar


Double Cutaway, Two Pickup Bass Guitar

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Harmony H27 Bass Guitar - Body Harmony H27 Bass Guitar - Headstock


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