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Convolution Instruments

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Edwin Paanakker and Frans Haarmeijer have been making guitars and basses since 1989. They learned their craft at the same time but never made instruments together. That all changed three years ago when Frans conceived the idea of the Convolution bass. They have been building prototypes since then. Edwin designed the instrument and Frans developed the technique behind it.   And they are both involved in the actual construction.

Until recently all instruments were custom builds. And the Convolution Bass is their first production instrument.

"The possibilities are endless with a custom built bass", says Edwin.  He likes designing them.

Please, check out Edwin Paanakker on Facebook for information about his custom designs.
Also see Convolution Instruments on Facebook.

About The Convolution Bass MK-1

The Convolution Bass is an extreme light weight instrument with the mechanical properties of an Upright Bass on which a real Upright Bass sound can be reproduced digitally.  This extremely useful when gigging as the bass sounds better live than the real deal because it has no physical body in which acoustical feedback can arise.


Convolution Bass

Convolution Bass

Convolution Instruments - Quintar


Email: c-instruments@online.nl or eadvine@live.nl
Phone: +31628327320
Locale: Rosmalen, The Netherlands


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Title: Convolution Instruments
Mfg: Convolution Instruments
Bass Builder?: Yes
Phone:  +31628327320
Models:  [not specified]
Categories:  [Bass: 4-String] [Bass: 5-String] [Bass: 8-String (4x2)] [Boutique]
Country:   Netherlands [nl]  Locale: Rosmalen

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