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Audiovox Electric Guitars


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Title: Audiovox Electric Guitars
Mfg: Audiovox
Bass Builder?: Yes
Models:  736 Bass Fiddle
Country:   US [us]

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More than 15 years before Leo Fender invented the bass guitar with his release of the Fender Precission Bass Pual Tutmarc of Seattle, WA, US was building his own fretted solid body electric basses.  Around 1935/36 Audiovox was building electric instruments including steel guitars and what the catalogue refers to as an bass fiddle.  This bass fiddle had no resemblance to the familiar double bass but instead looked like an early version of today's bass guitars.

Although the instruments apparently sold well, there are no records indicating how many of these were built.

1935 Audiovox Bass Guitar
1935 Audiovox Bass Guitar (Fiddle) [guitars4culture]

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