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Ace Tone | Ace Electronic Industries Inc.


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Title: Ace Tone | Ace Electronic Industries Inc.
Mfg: Ace Tone
Bass Builder?: No
Models:  [not specified]
Categories:  [Currently NOT in production] [Japanese Vintage] [Vintage (prior to 1970)]
Country:   Japan [jp]

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Ace Tone was a Japanese manufacturer of musical instruments dating back to around 1960 and into the 1970's.  The company built guitar amplifiers, effects pedals and electronic organs.  Company founder Ikutaro Kakehashi would go on to found Roland and Boss as well.

More information about Ace Tone can be found at Wikipedia

There is a fair amount of Ace Tone history in the Hal Leonard book, The Boss Book.  Excerpts are available at Google.

Ikutaro Kakehashi is also connect to Hammond.  Although the connection is not clear.

Ace Tone Guitar AmplifierAce Tone was of particular personal interest to me as my first amplifier was identical to the one shown here, dating from around 1970.  As I recall, it was 30 watts.  We would run two guitars and a bass through it.  This low wattage was no competition for our drummer.


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